The College Computer Centre of SVU College of Engineering is located in the westernside of ground floor of Main building. It provides centralized computing facilityand Internet distribution for all departments. It is also responsible to maintainthe fiber optic network in S V U College of Engineering. The College Computer Centreis modernized with the funds from TEQIP Phase-I during 2006-09. The technical staffof CCC will render technical assistance in maintaining the computers in the departments.

  • Total Area: Computer Centre: 248.4 Sqm. CAD Lab: 107.35 Sqm.
  • Number of Personal Computers: CCC: 72, CAD Lab: 36, English Language Lab: 90
  • Number of Servers: 4
  • Internet: 10 Mbps with dedicated Fiber line

Views of College Computer Centre:


Computer Centre Staff

1Mr. B. Prashanth KrishnaHelper
2Mr. K. Ramamoahn NaiduLab Assistant
3Mr. K. Udaya KumarSystem Consultant
4Mr. N. Murali PrasadSystem Operator
5Mr. K. AmaranathSystem Operator
6Mr. R. PushpalathaSystem Operator
01Apr 2019

8th Sem, 6th Sem, 4th Sem University Examinations

Commencing from 1st April (8th Sem)and 29th April (4th and 6th Sem)

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